1. While I never suggest riding without a helmet, it is legal in Sturgis. The thing people do not think about is eye protection. Eye protection is required, so make sure you always have it on. Also, wearing tinted eye glasses at night will get you ticketed. So if you’ll be out past sunset, have your clears with you.

2. Next on the legal aspect would be stop signs. Sounds like a no brainer, but in Sturgis it’s not that simple. Many people put only one foot down when they come to a stop. This will get you pulled over during rally time. Make sure you put both feet down when you come to a complete stop.

3. Make sure that your bike is tagged and insured. And that you have your registration and proof of insurance with you.

4. Other than that, just make sure your bike is legal. Little things like missing mirrors or burned out bulbs can get you ticketed.

5. Make sure that your cooling system is functioning properly. You will get stuck in traffic, and you will overheat.

6. Pop up thunderstorms are common in Sturgis. With all the oil and coolant on the ground, the roads get slick. So check your tires and make sure they are in great shape.

7. Thoroughly check your bike for anything that could cause a breakdown. This includes frayed cables, worn brake pads, and loose fasteners. If you haven’t ridden in a while, give your bike a proper shakedown. Be proactive; a cheap fix at home can be costly on the road.

8. Now onto the survival issues. HYDRATE! I can’t say it enough. Drink plenty of water. It is hot, which combines with heat from engines and the pavement. All that heat can cause you to dehydrate quickly. You definitely don’t want to get light headed on your bike.

9. With it being hot, you know the sun is out. Be sure to apply and reapply sunscreen to keep you from getting fried. You want to enjoy the rally and riding without getting a rosy red sunburn.

10. Lastly, get out of downtown! Go ride! The best part of Sturgis is the amazing riding. There are awesome mountain roads to tear through, with beautiful scenery everywhere. Sometimes the best part of the rally is getting a little bit away from the rally.



Oct 27, 2016

James Anderson

Follow your dream and it will turn to reality. A very inspiring article. Thanks for sharing!
Oct 20, 2016

James Anderson

I thought I am just a dreamer, but now I know how to become a doer. That’s cool, appreciate it!

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